The overall objective of this document is to serve as a uniform guide to both Reinhardt Estates Homes Association, Inc. (Association) Homeowners and the members of the Approval Board for creating responsible construction that is respectful and enhances our community.

These guidelines and standards address improvements to homes within the Association. They are not intended to be all-inclusive or exclusive, but rather serve as a guide to permissible improvements within our community. The specific objectives of this document are:

  • To provide uniform guidelines to be used by the Approval Board in reviewing applications in light of the goals set forth in the Founding Documents of your community and the actions of the Board of Directors.
  • To assist homeowners in preparing an acceptable application to the Approval Board
  • To increase homeowners awareness and understanding of the Declaration of Conditions, Covenants, Restrictions and Reservations of Easements for Reinhardt Estates, and applicable Resolutions of the HOA Board of Directors.
  • To describe the organization and procedures involved with the architectural standards established by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and applicable resolutions of the HOA Board of Directors.
  • To illustrate basic design principles that will aid the homeowner in developing exterior improvements that are in harmony with the immediate neighborhood.
  • To assist homeowners in maintaining a well-kept community in order to protect and enhance the economic property and aesthetic values, and the overall desirability of the homes within our community.