We are excited about welcoming a new neighbor to Reinhardt Estates, and this page provides information regarding the HOA's annual fees and the transfer fees associated with the sale of a property. Please be aware of the following general information:

  1. The HOA's annual fees are currently $45 and are billed on an annual calendar year basis (January 1st - December 31st).
  2. The HOA's transfer fees when a property is sold are $50 and are typically paid by the title company.
  3. All payments to the HOA should be made payable to "Reinhardt Estates Homes Association" and mailed to the following address:
    Reinhardt Estates Homes Association
    PO Box 92
    Mission, KS  66201

Any questions regarding these considerations or inquiries relating to the current payment status for a particular property should be directed to the HOA Treasurer at the following e-mail address: reinhardthoa@yahoo.com